Through our alternative method of interviewing, we have drawn out the personalities of untouchable CEO’s, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs and more from all corners of Silicon Valley. Success stories, from idea to IPO, and useful life advice from the hyper-smart will inspire everyday people who are also looking to enjoy a little Reality TV style entertainment. Our host, Jesse Draper, is the ever-pink and enthusiastic Valley Girl who pioneers the narrowing space between two worlds she equally calls home: Silicon Valley and Hollywood’s Valley. The Valley Girl and her BFF and trusty sidekick Coco have made it their mission to “celebritize” the true movers and shakers of the world. Our goal is to provide an exclusive look into the minds of great people in a humorous and positive way. Throughout our journey, which is a fun trip for all ages, we hope to unleash the entrepreneur inside everyone.

Co-Producer and Host: Jesse Draper
Jesse Draper is an actress and soon to be talk show host. She recently graduated from UCLA’s school of Theater, Film and Television with a focus in acting. Her father has always instilled in her a great sense of business, which she would like to pass along to others. She has attended numerous programs at UCLA’s Anderson Business School including one in Entertainment Management. Jesse has also worked for KISS FM and Keystone Pictures. She is most well known for her role as “Jesse” on Nickelodeon’s television series The Naked Brothers’ Band.

Co-Producer and Production Designer: Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee is a guru in all things creative. She graduated from UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture with a focus in painting and conceptual set-design photography. She is currently working full time as a Production Designer on numerous projects, including for USC Film. This summer, she will be assisting the Production Designer on the set of Nickelodeon’s The Naked Brothers’ Band. She is currently preparing her application for business school. Sharon will also be a host on Valley Girl.

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